Tuesday, 2 January 2018

New Bear

I got a dog- it's amazing and also really hard. Puppies are grinchy. He gives you this shifty side eye thing when he's annoyed and also sort of huffs and puffs like a nurse. I haven't slept properly for a while- once or twice a night I get propelled into the wet garden to watch him wee or poo by the light of my phone. He smells sort of dusty and gross but also quite sweet, like a powdered rug. 

I am scared he is sad to death about not seeing his Mum anymore. I am too soft to close the door of his crate but I have to soon as he keeps eating the Christmas tree. He headbutts the door and sort of scrabbles to get out, I can't handle it. I am sleeping in the living room to keep him company... he is a cartoon orphan.

Kingsley is brown and also turning ginger, he has a curly tail like a piglet but fluffy. His eyes are like mouse eyes and he has ears like a cat. He looks like a bear cub and fox in one and sometimes makes squeaking noises as if everything is AWFUL. I bought him a toothbrush but I am not sure he will love it.

In the garden he sniffs and bites everything, he wants to pull stuff up or down. He sits in the flower bed on his scrappy back legs like he's a bread bin and gallops back when a bird flaps past. I am enjoying being in the garden more- this morning I saw a wren. I had forgotten that things happen outside at 7.30- and so much does! Everything moves. Aeroplanes roar around like yawns and the seagulls complain like mad.

I have a puppy sling coming so I can take him out. He can't touch the floor yet but he can come round with me in his bag so I can show him the world. I can't wait to take this dog to the beach later on, or the marshes- he will go native. I do like this little dog even though he keeps trying to eat me. I think he's my friend.

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  1. It's funny to read this a month later, has anything changed?