True Confessions

Music by Karl Brummer, Voiced by Guy J Jackson


Being a student at the Dryad school, I get plenty of opportunity to meet men. One of my favourite places is the Woodland Union mushroom tea outlet. The tea is cheap and the place is always packed to the treetops with fit young Druids, Warlocks and Centaurs. Anyway, I’ll cut to the chase. I was out with my sister, Haruki- we’d been drinking mushroom tea for quite a while and were beginning to see the sky dip in and out of itself. I was in need of some kissing so we picked out some men and went our separate ways. The bloke I went for was smoking a hookah with a couple of brothers. He was a fine brown Centaur, hard and muscly from the waist up, with four strong legs. After a few choice declarations we were kissing on a sofa in the corner, His hooves were all over me after just a couple of minutes. I only had a tiny dress made from cobwebs and dead leaves on, and he easily inched his hoof up the inside of my thigh.

I opened my wisps slightly and his hoof crept toward my growth ring. He whinnied with satisfaction to find firstly that I had no undergarments on and secondly that my budlet was covered in dew. I clambered onto him and straddled him. Anyone looking probably got a great view of my roots. It must have been like a live wood-core show! After a while of him rubbing against me I came, the mushroom tea making colours shoot out of me into his mouth, and all around the spinney.

I rose from his lap and pulling down my skirt to cover myself, took him by the spear. I led him across the glade, past the tearooms and into the tree house. There was a bit of a queue in the ladies and I hesitated, but he bundled me into the nearest men’s. Pressing me up against the door, he locked it with one hoof and yanked my dress up over my head with the other. I was naked and he began kissing me and tangling himself all up in me. After a while he swivelled me round and told me to bend over. Keen to oblige I knelt on a stump and thrust my backside up at him. Wasting no time, he knelt down behind me, buried his face into my magical lake and went to work with his tongue. I creaked with pleasure, my cheek pressed against the cold hard wood.

He lapped at me and reached underneath me to play with my tea leaf. I came to another shuddering gust- all up in my leaves and hair, my sap leaking out onto his chin. Then he used his hooves to spread my furrows wide. He burrowed his tongue into me, probing and darting it around. Then he put his two front legs up on my shoulders and I knew he was going to enter my hollow. Slowly he worked himself into me and I disappeared into the wind, my branches blown this way and that as he pushed into me and snipped away at me with his secateurs. I was like one large hand, fingers all up in the air and waving into him like a hot mirage.

I squirmed as I felt the hot sticky seed fill me then scatter out like sycamore helicopters all over the woodland. I never even found out that Centaur’s name- we just kissed and said tioradh!

True Confessions #1 from Young Pines on Vimeo.


 Charming and I were camping on the outskirts of the kingdom, when a young dashing cat, Puss, pitched his tent next to ours. As campers do we got chatting. Puss asked us for directions to the local beauty spot, a secluded magical lake set all around by tall pine trees. He told us he wanted to go there to clean his boots. As lovers of skinny-dipping we were actually on our way there ourselves so we gave him a lift. I thought about how much it would turn me on to seduce and corrupt a talking cat. Maybe I could show him something of my world.

I found a nice shingled area next to the water and lay down to catch some sun in my little hands. Charming busied himself with his mirror, while Puss and I got out of our clothes. I wore only a blue ribbon and sat on a mat opposite the cat. I asked Charming to oil me and dance over me with his tongue.

Puss kept looking up from where he was polishing his boots, pulling the duster back and forth over the silver buckles. I asked if we were disturbing him and he mewed that he’d never seen a naked princess before. I asked him if he’d like to join us and he leaped over straight away and lay on my lap, his fur warm on my thighs. He was purring and at first I thought he might fall asleep, the sun being so hot and the day so clement, but then he started rubbing me, winding around me like a blue Russian breeze.

I lay back and let the cat walk on me. Charming’s mouth was all on me and in the oil, my nipples like two pillaged diamonds. Pirates, the two animals pulled out jewel after jewel until I was rippling like the surface of the lake. Sunlight poured off me and I screwed myself into the shingle with its braille that tripped across me.

Somewhere in the distance I could hear the sound of church bells and as I tipped my head back to listen, a jolt shot through me like a blast from a wand- my whole body alive with electricity. I levitated to the tops of the pines, their peaks around me like green fire. They fused into the blueness, arrows for gods, and as I passed beyond them all around me I could hear birds gossiping about the naked princess in the sky. And then gradually, I drifted down, snow slow and still again- coming round to see the cat, smiling and licking his paws and face.

True Confessions #2 from Young Pines on Vimeo.

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