Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Swimming with Dolphins and the Bus that Never Comes

People talk a lot about being on their death beds and regretting stuff and all that. That's OK if you're into that kind of thing but I'm not sure I like the idea much. Personally I'm hoping for a really dramatic exit.

Imagine instead you're on an out of control train, the countryside streaming past, all the passengers screaming and running about with blood in their eyes. Will you be thinking 'maybe I should have spent less time writing blog posts about how I would like to die?'- I don't think so. Instead your heart will be pounding and your life will be rushing past you- the rubbish and all the brilliance of your fully human life as you disappear down the bear's throat.

It is not au fait to be imperfect nowadays- there's always a billboard telling you that you're WRONG, as if life is a horribly difficult experience relieved only by running marathons and discovering a new kind of orchid or whatever. But not everything is funny, and it doesn't matter. We are better than a quip, small under our sunglasses and anecdotes, there is so much more thinking to do.

When I'm hurtling through the air after the aeroplane has exploded I will be shouting all this into the sky; for we are swimming with dolphins and the bus that never comes- perfect from the day we are born.

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