Saturday, 9 March 2013

Acres of the Moon

Mother's day is not for single mothers. Father's day is mostly for dads in families and Valentines day is not on anybody’s side at all. Really a lot of these days should be renamed hole in the heart day because irl that's what they are.

While all the normal people eat quails eggs and heart shaped puddings with their love-fat fingers you will most likely be cracking open cockroaches by candlelight and wondering what kind of life this really is. You might almost be tempted to think that human relations are beyond complex.

The truth is that nobody leads a conventional life apart from a handful of people who you will never hear say serviette and others who would never think to say napkin- they look at the advertisements and see that mum would like light-reflecting lipstick and music albums by handsome sociopathic singers and they are pleased because they are doing things in the right order.

The road less travelled by but not too far from the path, there is a relationship you must have, there are relationships you must have with people who buy you tulips and gadgets and acres of the moon, and soon you will live together and a seed will be planted in your body which will grow into a wonderful beanstalk, with no less than ten fingers and ok looking as well.

But the secret is that real love is better than the narrative; You could crush those perky tv families with a single kiss. You don't have to live that way and you are an entire world with more love inside you than a church.

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  1. awww, i really loved my Mother's Days with my daughter, as a single mum. It was a day we enjoyed together, we always bought a plant or flowers. My own mum, also a single mum, would visit at this time of year,usually the Easter holidays so we would be 3 generations of women together. I was born on Mother's Day,which always felt like another good reason to celebrate it,though it seldom falls on my birthdate it's usually close.