Monday, 8 July 2013

gerda and kai

so james was a gardener but also a centaur and all other kinds of things. you know someone is dying but it never really makes any kind of sense.

james wanted to rewrite the snow queen with me, to turn it into a poem that he could act. i was too young to understand why we should have, and too caught up in myself. we were gerda and kai and didn't always trust each other. i think our hearts were hurt, but maybe that's just me trying to make it glamorous.

perhaps his fish and my archer got locked in a battle, but there was love in it too. james was from the woodlands just like me. there was magic running through him and stories and dancing.

i don't think i can get sad at death anymore. we spend most of our lives trying to lose our selves by being less terrible and death takes care of that nicely.

james has turned to light, or a wisp of mist on a morning field- you can only really laugh at the glitch. goodbye for now happy prince x

'Kai and Gerda sat down, holding each other by the hand; they both had forgotten the cold empty splendor of the Snow Queen, as though it had been a dream. The grandmother sat in the bright sunshine, and read aloud from the Bible: "Unless ye become as little children, ye cannot enter the kingdom of heaven."

And Kai and Gerda looked in each other's eyes, and all at once they understood the old hymn:

"The rose in the valley is blooming so sweet,
And angels descend there the children to greet."

There sat the two grown-up persons; grown-up, and yet children; children at least in heart; and it was summer-time; summer, glorious summer!'

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