Thursday, 28 February 2013

Eat me Drink me

The breakfast crepe was a bit disappointing but that might have been the Modifinal. I sat in Soho Square with the other builders and considered the pigeons. People were down on pigeons but I thought they were sort of fine, some of their colours are otherworldly and there's nothing wrong with that.

There is a little house in the middle of Soho Square that no one ever talks about. No one knows what's inside but I do- it is where they put all the visionaries that get out of hand. Slowly they get smaller and smaller, like eat me drink me but on a one way ticket.

A man in bright orange overalls was staring at me. In the olden days I would have thought it meant he was in love with me, but now I knew better. I think he was ruminating on the butterfly effect, and whether if the same butterfly decided not to flap its wings at all whether the effect would be just as dramatic.

If you don't throw a brick in a pond and there are no ripples then is the pond somehow less good? I will have to ask my jobadvisor.
A pigeon looked at me. He knew my game, though he knew nothing at all. Women click-clacked past me on their way to work with heads full of spider diagrams and pie charts, maybe with a very small piece of pie in. My coffee was cold.

Today I had to buy some popping candy and a map of the world. It was a busy day so I had better get going. I smiled at the man in neon and left.


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